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[For Homeowners] Top-Rated Contractors in Pittsburgh


Here’s the deal…

Our Dumpster business is based on knowing our customers, even the top rated contractors in Pittsburgh and providing the highest level of service, capability and efficiency – No, Really!!

Why Top-Rated Contractors in Pittsburgh Rent Dumpsters From Bin There Dump That

The history of capability and servicing in this business has been plagued with numerous Dumpster Providers practicing any of:

  1. Calls going to voice-mail
  2. Not returning calls
  3. Utilizing hidden-cost pricing
  4. Trucks too large
  5. Bin foot-prints too big
  6. No driveway protection boards

Capability in this business typically means providing equipment and a team most-capable for customers to reap the full benefit. Service comes through in many forms: communication, transparency, understanding, thoughtfulness, education, and simply being pleasant. We make all of these part of what we do – because we know our customers need and appreciate all of these for their projects in terms of timeliness, coordination, and financial bottom-lines.

To more fully understand efficiency, a simple comparison can be found in steel. The Steel Industry fell on hard times in the late 1970s/early 1980s; it would take almost a decade to pass for it to start to turn itself around. A “common thread” practice the most successful of them adopted would become: “Make It Right the First Time”. That’s right! Think about it – this is powerful stuff ! The effect of this approach was to reduce operating costs, and introduce less “rework” for customers, who also paid less for the service because it was produced by the steel supplier only one time.

Most important, it “honed” the quality-mindset of the operators versus allowing sub-standard product to pass-through, and hopefully get “caught” downstream – much of it didn’t, at great cost to not only the steel producer, but most importantly to the customer as well – many wouldn’t find defects until a significant amount of costly processing had already occurred! So, an “efficiency-based” approach is key for these reasons, but also helps avoid delays, unforeseen expenses, mistakes and frustration.

At Bin There Dump That, Pittsburgh & Tri-State, Make it Right the First Time is practiced in everything we do, both, internally and most-importantly, with our approach to our customers.

Make it right the first time also applies to our valued contractor customers and you, the homeowners they service.

Types of Contractors We Deliver Dumpsters to in Pittsburgh

We service a multitude of customers, including Roofers, Real Estate Rehabber/Investors, Remodelers, Window companies, Real Estate Brokers, Property Managers, Professional Organizers, Senior Relocation Assistants, Restoration Companies (mold, fire/water, etc.), and many, many others – including, of course, those homeowners with the debris, junk or items that need discarded from downsizing or renovations! Our Preferred Provider List (below) includes those companies who, best-exemplify the attributes most important to us, and we expect, to you as well.

Realtors Who Go To All Lengths to Help You Find the Home of Your Dreams

Ian Hoover (Realtor/Broker) is an expert in both commercial and residential real-estate in the Greater Pittsburgh area. His level of communication with us has been flawless. If you are a Real-Estate Investor or a Homeowner, and are in need of a Realtor’s service, please consider Ian: He’s methodical, detail-oriented, transparent, and always pleasant.

Professional Organizers Who Create Time & Space

Sandra Lane, CPO, of Organizational Lane, LLC, not only holds the Presidential role with the local chapter of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), but also maintains extensive experience in this much-needed and growing profession. Sandra is always pleasant, open-minded, and understanding, and understandably a key criterion for you in your selection of Professional Organizers. For these reasons, we’ve included Sandra’s company in our list.

Real-Estate Rehabber/Flippers

Gridiron Equity Partners are premium home rehabbers specialize in taking once deeply-distressed properties and turning them into WOW properties. Part of a nationwide network for some of the best home flippers, Gridiron Equity Partners can be contacted at 412-468-0612.

Remodelers That Deliver Valued Crafstmenship Every Time

All Finished Design. If attention to detail and the finest in workmanship are your top priorities, then look no further than All Finished Design. They do home interior design, window treatments, customer artwork, and restaurant design. Their specialty isn’t confined to one segment, but rather includes everything from design to complete construction. They also flip and rehabs homes! Contact them at 412-680-7209.

Commercial Reps Who Specialize in Home Upgrades Throughout Their Communities

On Site Rep, servicing Greater Pittsburgh area, is a premiere commercial and residential construction company. These types of businesses aren’t easy to find for high-end investors, but hugely valuable, especially with those largest projects that require management and someone to “keep all the dots connected”! They primarily specialize in renovations and energy efficiency upgrades, including Residential interior renovations, and unfinished basement build-outs. Their focus is on custom, rustic, yet modern themes. They also perform Turnkey commercial renovations/build outs for small-to-medium sized, non-profit, community-based organizations. Contact them at 412-626-7378.

Mold Remediation & Disaster Restoration Teams That Understand the Severity & Urgency Of Your Home Disaster

When it comes to Mold Remediation, the folks at TechnoPrime come highly recommended. Dmitri and his team provide mold remediation and air quality testing. In business since 2002, they work with many clients such as Wells Fargo Bank, ReMax, Prudential, Howard Hanna, Keller Williams etc. They report their projects can cost from $1,000 to $50,000. Call at 412-218-0333.

ServPro of West Beaver County“Like It Never Even Happened” – Call Jeff Krivan at 724-709-7235 for any of water or fire damage, mold remediation, storm damage, or commercial cleaning services, including sewage, restaurant hoods and removal of contaminants or biohazards and odor removal. They also do Air duct and HVAC cleaning, plus cleanups associated with trauma and crime scenes. Jeff has always shown us a high standard of professionalism, a pleasant demeanor and clarity.

ServPro West Beaver Van

Whatever home project you are undertaking in 2018; from home organization to home disaster to a home remodeling project; there is a top-rated contractor you can trust with your project. We’ve established great relationships with these companies and value having our dumpsters on their job sites.