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Dumpster rental

Dumpster Service v. Junk Removal Service


What’s the Better Waste Disposal Option for You?

What should you utilize? If you don't wish to load the Dumpster yourself (ours have doors for walk-in loading), can’t find some help (gratis or hired labor) and are willing to pay a Hauler for it (because their fee must cover their labor costs), then assuming these are your only constraints, then a Hauler may be more conducive for your situation.

Note that with a lot of loose debris that needs swept and/or bagged up, a Hauler’s time becomes more significant. Finally, keep in mind, a Hauler may need a second vehicle for their crew, and crew/fuel costs are obviously factored into pricing.

Pittsburgh Yard Full of Dumpsters

Our Dumpsters arrive on very maneuverable, non-invasive, single-axle trucks, and by a one-person labor-force: the Driver. Plus, since we don’t come into your home, you don't even need to be there for the Bin delivery or pick-up.